Sreeram Padmanabhan
How hard is it to get a Web Developer job?


I have been a Web Developer/Trainer for the past 10 years. I have attended interviews in big companies as well as small, I have conducted interviews as well, some rookies, some experienced.

Web Development is a vague term. It consists mainly of Frontend Development, Backend Development, DevOps and Testing each one being very vast and can be achieved with various tools and programming languages.


The market was for people who can do one of the 4 in a given programming language.

With NodeJS, the world moved towards Full-stack developers who can do most things in Javascript.

There is an emerging trend where companies are adding programming languages like Java and Python into Full-stack which I feel is a terrible cost cutting measure.


It depends on the job you are looking for.

Some jobs need candidates to be just okay and if they can learn on the job, we were told to hire them. These are companies like HR companies which needed to maintain a head count.

While some companies require you to be really good at one thing and be reasonably good in the others. These are companies which need actual engineers and problem solvers, with experience, who can actually make contributions to the society.


Both have their pros and cons and you have to decide at what stage you are in your career and which one you need to go for. It’s not tough to get a web development job. It’s tough to get a good web development job that pays well and helps you grow.

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